Thranduil king elf of woodland realm

So over the many many weeks I have been constructing the costume of king Thranduil from the hobbit written by J. R. R. Tolkien which was recently turned into a film directed by Peter Jackson who was also the director of the lord of the rings trilogy.

I have always been a huge fan of the lord of the rings films so when they announced they were making the hobbit films I had to see them when they come to the cinema. After watching the first hobbit film "the hobbit the unexpected journey" i was so excited for the next one a year later "the hobbit the desolation of smaug" I was sat there watching away with my dad yes my dad!! Frist time I had ever been to the cinema with him was awesome!! I was mesmerized when thranduil come on the screen with this gorgeous silk brocade jacket with a long train flowing behind him just WOW!! I knew I had to find out more about this when I got home. It was so stunning I wanted to make it myself.

When researching about the costume I came across loads of people making cosplay costumes.... Some examples

After looking at these costumes I though this would be good for my interpretation costume so I would be able to copy the piece and then make some alterations if needs be.

I began to make this costume a few weeks into starting my third year I started with looking for fabric samples that would have a textured surface that would some how resembles the a look of the actual costume its self since the real costume was made from a silk brocade as you can see in the video at the top. The process of making this costume has been a long but its been very successful and stressful. I have enjoyed making this as it is a costume piece from a story I love very much. Under this I will post some images from fittings and some of the techniques I have done for this costume to get to the stage i am with it to have a complete costume...

on the last image I was looking at different thickness's of cording for the piping to see which would work out the best for the costume itself as i wanted you to see the pipping from a far distance.

in the first images you can see where i have only just pinned the pipping in place ready for it to be sewn down, in the next image the pipping is sewn into the fabric and the costume is all sewn together with the pipping including between the seams

After all the layers have been flat tacked together and then pinner all together to see how the costume work look

however in the second image you can see that the front of the jacket is actually pulling to one side and this was making the costume disorientated for this to be rectified had to take the costume apart to fix the problem it took some time with massing and changing things about however it did pay off.. the next image is the back of the jacket after it have been taken apart and refitting to stop the back and the front from pulling.

once the jacket was all refitting and i was happy with the outcome, i moved onto hemming the bottom, for this i made some bias binding and did a face ham and i thought this would look better for the train at the back.

once hemmed it was times to sort the sleeves out and for this i picked a few different types such as a man's two piece sleeve, man's one piece sleeve and a woman's sleeve as my model as rather thin arms this was a possibility. i then made a toil to see which would look the best for the costume here i have taken some images of the fitting...

when fitting the sleeves into the jacket this was rather difficult as the jacket was very heavy and it was hard to try and turn the arm hole around in the sewing machine  

once the sleeves were fitted i moved onto making the trousers. even though you cant really see them i wanted them to be well fitted and made for a lovely grey silk dupion. i thought these would be challenging as i have never made trousers before so i was looking forward to making these. below i have taken some images from the fitting with my model and a little of the making process.

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