Polar Graph

Jonathan Yi, Mathew Han

Phase 1

The title of this graph is the mosaic sun. The graph is based off of the common mosaic murals that were built during the 1960's in order for jobs to be created. Although the individual functions are not specified towards an attribute of the sun the functions combined as a whole create the image we often see in the sky.#polarproject2

Because of demos being unable to graph r^2 and theta functions I changed the fct

The original equations are

B: R^2=25cos2theta

Final Phase:

We experimented mathematically utilizing desmos and referencing back to our notes to determine whether the graph was possible or not. We came across several problems with desmos because of its incapability to create a limacon and line graph using theta; we ended up having to reference back to the notes to create the proper equations that are now shown above.

While we were completing this assignment we were better able to understand the polar equations which helped us for the group quiz and test. As we discussed the importance of the coefficients in each graph we were able to discern what made the polar graph look the certain way. Although we came across several obstacles when creating the graph on desmos, we were able to accommodate and utilize our past knowledge on graphs and create identical images to the ones we created on the paper.

While we were completing this assignment it was a hassle for us to go on the computer and upload the pictures. The constant question of whether the teacher would be able to see the post was concerning ,and although technology has advanced, in this situation a paper and pen seemed more comfortable to the millennial generation than that of a keyboard.

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