The Ivory Coast

By Nathan Stelliga

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  • Citation: "Côte D'Ivoire: Senior UN Official Urges Justice for Victims of Human Rights Abuses." UN News Center. United Nations, 11 Mar. 2015. Web. 02 May 2015
  • Overview: In this article written by the United Nations News Group the topic at hand includes the many human rights abuses that have occurred in the Ivory Coast for the last decade. The chief of UN human rights urges the government of the Ivory Coast to bring justice to those violated of human rights in the country. These crimes include "war crimes and crimes against humanity" that were under the rule of the corrupt former president Laurent Gbabgo. The president refused to give up his power after losing the election to his opponent four years ago. There are many infrastructure issues the chief says that are embedded in the court systems in the country. Later this year, a new president will be elected and he hopes that a just and truthful election can occur.

Map of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Video on former President Laurent Gbagbo

1. Who are the main opponents?

The main opponents are the councilmen and individuals who worked under the former President Laurent Gbagbo. They allowed and even conducted in some cases some of the horrible human rights abuses that occurred in the Ivory Coast in 2011 and remain in office. Gbabgo's main opponent, Alassane Ouattara attempted to overthrow Gbagbo many times and reigned successful in 2011. Ever since then, Ouattara conducted mass killing and attacks on those who supported President Gbagbo. As a result, both the Ouattara and Gbagbo are at fault since both were immoral and unruly in their time in office.

2. Any countries involved or concerned?

France, who controlled the Ivory Coast since 1960, is a main supporter along with the U.S over president Ouattara. However, after his mass killing of supporters of Gbagbo in the last two years the international response has been silence. That is why this year, 2015, an election will be on a new president, something the U.N is heavily invested in making successful.

3. How is this conflict being conducted?

This conflict is being conducted by the supporters of President Ouattara who seek out former supporters of Gbagbo and kill them. In a sense, the country is very divided and one might even see this as an uprising towards civil war. Most are killed, abused, or tortured, leaving very few pro-Gbagbo supporters in the country.

4. What was the cause of the conflict?

The cause of the conflict was dictatorship of president Gbagbo, mostly the delay he created for a new president to be elected, and as a result an uprising lead by Ouattara began. However, since Ouattara has taken office, mass killing have been conducted on the former president's supporters.

5. What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently?

The efforts that are being taken to solve the problem is a new election, which is being overseen by the United Nations. I believe this is the best option for peaceful change since Ouattara needs to be taken out of office. However, I hope that those who conducted human rights violations as stated in the article are prosecuted and those seeking justice for being violated receive benefits and support.

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