Citric Acid By Konor and Eli

C6 H8 O7

Citric acid is made up of 6 Carbon molecules, 8 Hydrogen molecules, and 7 oxygen molecules. How this relates to molecules, atoms, particles, and elements is simple. Particles make up atoms. Atoms then make up molecules. Molecules then in turn build up elements. Lastly, elements make up substances. All chemical formulas represent substances. Substances in all, are made up of all of these. Substances are made up of particles, which make atoms. Atoms then make up molecules. Molecules build up elements. Elements then make up substances. So in all substances are made up of all of these scientific properties. And all of these scientific properties make up not only citric acid and all other white substances, but everything in our lives.

Citric acid is used in the real world in fruits, some vegetables, processed cheese, brown rice, and in baking. It is key in the world because without it there would be no soda, no sour candy, and no lemony taste. Citric acid is important because it is key in the growth of plants and in human as well as animal growth.

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