The Poison Apple

Dear Wicked Witch,                         

Do you want spend your whole life poisoning people and always be the evil character? I strongly believe that you should make helpful spells not poison me with an apple.Do something more important and do some work. help anyone in the castle. I think you're a nice person but you always want to kill me and be the famous person.Prince Florian had to kiss me because of that apple and he slobbered all over my lips when he kissed me and it was disgusting i felt it i would’ve died.I was poisoned for four hours and i was thinking when i was asleep this witch is so annoying and stupid.Thus you should always help others not poison people to death.

To begin with do something more important than evil don’t make spells to kill people make them for good to help people like diseases and sickness instead you make a stupid apple that could possibly kill me and make me asleep for ten hours and you want to steal the spotlight from me and i just want to have a happy life.

Prince Florian had to kiss me because you poisoned me with and apple. He slobbered all over me and it was revolting and i felt the kiss i went home breaking my things after and i broke a precious thing that cost one ten thousand dollars and you did that to me and after i was like ugh wiggling around the house.

I was poisoned for four hours and i was stuck there and i was not comfortable there but i was horrified after you poisoned me and you were happy how could you be happy after that and i was annoyed with you because i really want to beat you but im a to nice character.

In any case you should be happy being a good character but you don’t want to but you really should be a character that everybody likes but you don’t.

Sincerely Snow White

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