U.S. National Debt

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this shows the increase in national debt by the trillions

The U.S. debt problem is greatly increasing as the debt problem gets worse so does our future. The government will have to cut programs and possibly raise taxes.

The ways it will affect you in the near future

There will be higher interest rates this will make it harder for average Americans to do things such as buy a house or car or even pay for college. The government won't have money to fund things such as road repairs or park maintenance. The government will also have to raise taxes to pay off it's debt. Higher taxes means family that are having trouble making ends meet will have to rely more on food pantries and donations as well as need government assistance.

Social Security

this comic shows that our youth will be the ones facing the burden for our debt

Young people paying into social security today are at risk of not getting the benefits of it when they need it. The government keeps taking money out of social security to pay its bills. One day people will not get the money they were promised and paid into.

This is a comic depiction showing how America is being taken over by our debt.

America does not own our own debt

people will lose their jobs

a graph showing who increases our national debt the most


With high interest rates people will buy less of things such as cars. This could cause factories to shut down and people to lose their jobs. This will also affect the businesses around the factories. More people will rely on unemployment benefits the government can't afford.

this chart shows who owns our debt

If the U.S. were to print more money to repay it's debt the dollar would become worthless. Milk would becomes hundreds of dollars a gallon. The life savings of millions of Americans would be worth nothing.  

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