Olivia Zoratti

Portray yourself

My friends see me as a very energetic person when it comes to sports. I really like to play sports. I play hockey and sometimes soccer.

     I am a nice person, if people are nice to me and respect who I am Iwill be nice to them as well.

My family sees me as kind, sociable, busy with friends, responsible and athletic.

Portray a different persona

 If I could change anything about myself I would change on how I communicate with people, I would communicate with people a lot more.  I would be more outgoing and approach people I would like to know better. I would try not to not be as shy.

How do people see you, and  Discuss the legacy

  I don't know how people at allan drive see me.

   I would like to be seen as a nice person and fun to talk to.

The legacy I am leaving at allan drive, is that I am respectful to others and Inam who I am.

Digital footprint

     I am very caring when it comes to family because its family and you don't want to be rude, you wanna be nice and respectful because in life they will lead.

   When it comes to Instagram and my Facebook account I post selfies of me, my dog, and my family.

I am a funny person in a way, I know some jokes and the other ones not as funny.

Quote that relates to me



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