Shop for White Carbon Fibre Skin iphone 4 on Slickwraps

Your accessories are part of your personality - don't be caught with an "undressed" phone especially if you possess an iPhone. Make your iPhone a part of your personality by not only giving it the protection it deserves, but by also selecting a protection that matches you, your mood and your style.

When it comes to your iPhone nothing but the best will do so why settle for anything less than a carbon fibre skin?

An iPhone wrapped in white Carbon Fibre skin has that unique pure look on it. It looks clean, sterile and angelic! White is the traditional colour of purity and beauty. Give your iPhone that pure white look of delicacy.

A white carbon fibre skin provides that unique and sexy feel to your iPhone. However, carbon fibre is not just a style statement; it means business because the carbon fibre used in creating the iPhone skin is the same material that is used in high performance jets and spacecraft.

Your iPhone 4 is a high-performance machine so shouldn't it have the protection from high-performance technology and what better than carbon fibre - the ultimate in protection technology.

The white Macbook pro skins 15 sold at Slickwraps is strong, light in weight and extremely durable. Carbon fibre has superb mechanical properties with a low specific gravity. This means its strength to elasticity ratio is extremely high.

Industry has long since certified that Carbon Fibre is superior to iron or steel or even reinforced plastics. Imagine your iPhone 4 wrapped up in this space-age technology - it would make your iPhone 4 scratches proof and drop-protected.

All white Carbon Fibre skins sold at Slickwraps are essentially a 3-piece design that provides protection to the top, back, and edge of the iPhone. The white Carbon Fibre skin will not stretch or bend. It provides adequate protection against sharp objects including blades, edges of filing cabinets, static current, and protection against being accidentally dropped.

The white Carbon Fibre skin sold at Slickwraps is especially unique because it has a special "air-channel" backing that prevents the occurrence of air bubbles that could otherwise ruin the beauty of this product.

Applying the white Macbook pro 13 skin to your iPhone 4 is a breeze! Simply open the package and after peeling away the attached plastic sheet, carefully place the skin over your iPhone 4. Ensure the edges are aligned and gently press the skin with a soft cloth. Just apply mild pressure evenly in down-top or top-down motion. The white Carbon Fibre skin has amazing glue that ensures the skin instantly sticks to your iPhone. Follow this procedure for all the white Carbon Fibre skin pieces in the package.

Give your iPhone some attitude; give it the class and the protection it deserves - the super cool protection of a white Carbon Fibre skin.

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