The Pronghorn

Some characteristics of the pronghorn are that it is a very wise animal that only eats grass shrubs and no meet. Also the pronghorn is a very fast animal so it can get away from hunters and other animals.

Where the pronghorn mostly lives in the grasslands toward Southwest U.S.A.

Some adaptations of the pronghorn

Some adaptations of the pronghorn are that it has sight that helps them see pray over 4 miles away. Also they can run at a top speed of 65 miles per hour. Lastly they develop a high sense of curiosity to help them be more aware of their surroundings.

Some details of the pronghorns Ecosystem

The pronghorn lives in the grasslands so some details of its Ecosystem are that have terrain very smooth, lots of tall grass and many other animales that the pronghorn can use as prey. Some details about the grasslands are that the climate can be a high of 90 degrease to 40 degrease and cloudy.

Some animales that live In the grasslands are
•the fox
•the wolf
•the bison
•prairie dog
• and the rabbit

Some plants that live in the grasslands are
•small shrubs and trees
•the issues
•the flora
•the blazing star
• the common sunflower

Rapid process changes

In dry seasons leaves and small twigs can start on fire and spread a wiled fire across the grasslands.

Move: The prong horn, birds, wolf and, fox.

Adapt: prairie dog, mole ants and anything that can go under ground.

Die: bison pronghorn, the fox, the wolf and things that can't get out in time.

                            Fun Facts

The prong horn mainly eats herbs and desert grasses. Also their are about 160 pronghorns left just in the USA.

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