Come on down to the Southern Colonies!

                                                              By:Kaitlyn Kennedy

The Southern Colonies include:


North Carolina

South Carolina




The climate in the Southern Colonies really depend on what season it is. In the summer the weather is hot and humid, the summer can tend to be a little long. In the winter the weather is pretty cold and windy, although the weather is pretty mild winter doesn't tend to last that long. This weather can be taken as an advantage though because with the nice weather the soil can be well taken care of, which means well-grown and healthy crops. Since the winters don't tend to last long they don't have to have long periods of time without healthy crops.


The Southern Colonies was the best place to farm. They had hot, humid summers and mild winters, perfect for a year round growing season! Farming is the best way to go in the Southern Colonies, the three main crops that grew were tobacco, rice, indigo. Since they had quite a bit of crops that they could easily grow, that means they would have a better supply and make a better profit.


In the Southern Colonies there was a lot of different types of industries. For example there was a lot of trading, farming, and lumbering. Having a lot of different industries comes in handy because you can get food and supplies several ways. Sometimes they would even ship some of their goods, which is a good way to get a large amount of supplies at once.

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