Gut Feeling

How I finally listened to my second voice

Wow, what a great day. I finally did it. I followed my gut feeling. I really followed it and wow, what a day. I can't believe I FINALLY did it. Everyone around me sitting in that room was someone I could picture myself growing up to be like, except for a few of the older gentleman who now live WITHOUT the burden of having to buy shampoo. Even so, I would have no problem rocking the sophisticated look they sport knowing what kind of things they have accomplished. They are restaurateurs. Not just any restaurateurs, the best of the best. The cream of the crop. I cleverly managed my way, through lessons and tricks I learned along the years, (blog tips to come) and found myself sitting among the audience of board members of the California Restaurant Association. The ROCKSTAR'S of the restaurant world of my city, who operated in my city, who owned the entire market of my city and more, were sitting left, right, forward, and behind me. I was the only person there who didn't own a restaurant, or ten of them at that. I sat and listened to them discuss problems they faced within their industry. I got a first hand look at what it's like to be a Multi-Unit Restaurant owner, my dream job. After the meeting, the hosts handed out gift baskets and offered a sample of the new beer they were working on and planning on entering into a competition later that year. Although "peanut butter cup IPA" sounded like an orgasm in my mouth, there was NO time for tasting. That was not what I was there for. I scouted the crowd of superheros and sparked a conversation with a gentleman, (a GOD in my eye's) who told me a story about an experience he had one day in his early years as a cook. At the time, he was working under celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White, in his famous Michelin-acclaimed, London restaurant. This gentleman claimed that one night, he walked in through the back kitchen door about to start his shift when out of no where, a flying pan whizzed past his head and crashed against the porcelain wall behind him. He quickly turned around and saw another cook cowering down with his hands covering his helpless, nearly cracked head. Clearly the pan was aiming towards this poor cooks head and was NOT supposed to miss. That cook, was Gordon Ramsay. It took me a few moments to register how I was now standing amongst people who could claim that kind of story. But it didn't take long to realize that I was standing there because I listened to my gut. I trusted that feeling inside that you can't explain. I'm not a scientist or a psychologist, but I think both professionals would have a hard time convincing me WHAT a "gut feeling" truly is or WHERE it comes from.

The point is, I LISTENED to my gut feeling. I TRUSTED it. I knew that if I wanted to be like these people one day, that I would have to find a way to get myself next to them. I would have to see them, hear them, smell them, and touch them. This is how I have learned that I operate. I need to see the people at the top in order to drive my motivation to start at the bottom. As I was standing there, amongst my idols, I realized I was finally in the place which would lead me directly to my goals as a restaurateur. I was in my element, and I loved every second of it.