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What is it?

eReaders are portable devices that have electronic versions of books loaded onto them. eReaders allows for a person to bring multiple books along with them wherever they go. eReaders have screens that are optimized for the best reading experience to help lessen glare, matte screens that are better for your eyes, etc. eReaders will either be touch screen or contain composite buttons to navigate through the books, and settings.

How to use it in the classroom?

eReaders can be used in many ways within the classroom. Students can use eReaders for their home-reading, book studies, textbooks, and even (on the Kindle Fire) to write assignments in .doc format. Using eReaders for home-reading and book studies allows for the students to increase and decrease font size, highlight words that they may have troubles with, and it also helps because the student cannot forget their book at home when it is due. Students doing book studies can also highlight important pars of the books and make notes for class discussion and papers. Having a textbook on eReader allows the student to carry many oversized textbooks at the same time, in one hand. It also allows them to highlight and make notes as they go, where they cannot do this on paper copies.