Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is the largest land form region in Canada. It is 4.8 million square km in area. It is located in: North-east Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Manitoba, Southern N.W.T, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Eastern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Northern Michigan.

The purple shaded area is the Canadian shield's location

Beautiful climates that are easily adjusted too

The Canadian Shield has beautiful weather, the summers are warm and long, for boating, fishing, and hunting. But there are very cold and snowy winters, for skiing and snow boarding. It is expected for lots of rain and snow each year. The average amount of rain in the summer is 200-300mm and the average snow in the winter is 1200-1500mm. The average temperature during the winter is -18 degrees and in the summer it is around 25, therefore not too cold neither too warm which is perfect for growing crops and doing fun activities with your family.

Well vegetation and soil for farming crops and activities you can do with your family

Vegetation in the Canadian Shield is mainly coniferous forests, as you go north the trees are smaller and more dense, if you go north enough in the Canadian shield there is a spot with no forests which is the Tundra area of the Canadian Shield. Which is great for snowboarding and skiing which means there are no bumps, or trees in the way when you're trying to be the fastest to the bottom of the hills. And if you're a summer activity person you can go southern into the lowlands of the Canadian Shield where soil is soggy. which means  that there is water near by for swimming and fishing. It is also excellent for people who would like to grow crops and trees.

The unique and awesome natural landscape on the Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is more than 3.96 billion years old, the Canadian shield once had jagged peaks. And once higher than any mountains of today, but millions of years of erosion has changed these mountains to rolling hills. But to this day the Canadian Shield has two major land forms, a rocky surface of mainly igneous rocks and many coniferous forests. The highest elevation point is 500m above sea level, and the southern section is boreal. This makes the Canadian Shield beautiful because it has different type of lands for different type of people, for people who love to do winter activities can live in the northern areas, and people in the southern areas can grow crops and do summer activities with their families and friends.

Beautiful rock types on the Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is mainly formed of Igneous rock due to long existence, the rock cycle is a repetitive cycle which forms sedimentary rocks to metamorphic and lastly igneous rocks. Igneous rock forms when molten rock cools. The Canadian Shield’s rocks include copper, gold, iron, and nickel. Which is good for people who like to mine for money, or too keep in their homes for memory while spending their time at the beautiful and unique Canadian Shield.

Natural Disasters in the Canadian Shield

Rarely do natural disasters occur in the Canadian Shield but some are possible such as mini earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, due to climate change world wide. If citizens continue to pollute the earth the temperature will surely increase which higher the rates of natural disasters, such as floods. But for now the Canadian Shield is in a position when natural disasters rarely happen, for future reference there may be a few natural disasters that will occur if there is global warming.

Fun activities on the Canadian Shield

There are tons of human activities that can be held at the Canadian Shield. People generally like to go boating, dogsled riding, fishing, hunting and skiing. The most popular activities there are logging mining. If you'd love to live far away from those mean neighbours, or would just love to live alone in paradise the Canadian Shield makes it possible due to the space in the region, people live spread out and far away from each other.

A video of family and friends having fun skiing and snowboarding on the Canadian Shield

Why is the Canadian Shield a good place to live?

The Canadian Shield would be an ideal place for you to live because not only is the climate great but it's just beautiful to look at. It would be great to wake up every morning and see the beautiful view. Snowboarding and skiing in the winter. You could also go fishing and hunting in the summer and learn new things. There are well paying jobs like mining, welding or engineering. Farming and growing crops would be great to do during the summer.

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