Every things a remix

Every thing is a remix is a show that describes how every thing is inspired by something eles and there is a difference between inspiration and copy

Part 1 Music sampling

I love music and in the video he describes how people have sampled other artist work and got sued for doing so. He also said how back in the day any one can copy any ones work and it was ok. But in America we developed the copy right because people started to see ideas as property.

burning cd's

Part 4 Copying and Society

This is about how society evolved over time

What I learned  from these videos is that ideas are property and if you steal those ideas there are serious conciseness like you could get sued and not be able to make money anymore.

Why is this is important ?

This is important because if anyone can steal your idea then you could not bring them to justice and they will get away and make money off your idea and you might not be able to make money.

What is The impact of coping on society ?

Coping in society in my opinion has become accepted to a certain extent people start to copy styles and

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