how did geography influence the  lives of the native Americans

1. food                A.  kwakiuit had to hunt because the plants wouldn't grow in the cold weather.
B. pueblo had to grow plants to eat because the weather was ok for the plants to grow
2. shelter          A. inuit had to live in igloos because their really wasn't many trees to build long house.                 B.   lakota lived in teepees because theri was alot of trees and so they used tree bark and tree bark poles.           
3.   climate             A. Iroquois has cold winters and hot summers with lot's of rain , so when It was cold they would put on furry clothes and and when It was hot they would put on a light layer if clothes.               B. Inuti has below freezing areas all the time , so all year they have to put on lots of   clothes made out of seal and walrus skin.                                                                                                                   

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