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February 10, 2015

Classroom News

  • All day Kinderdogs will be using laptops in the classroom to practice logging on.
  • First grade will be having their earned free day.
  • Second grade will continue with Story Jumpers.
  • Third grade will continue to explore the world of Prezi presentations.
  • Fourth grade will review online research skills, such as how to determine a valid website, and reliable research sites.
  • Fifth grade will finish conference Weebly and begin Seuss Cafe.

More about Google Docs

All of our students are able to access Google Drive with their email accounts and password.  This does not mean they have a Gmail account, it is a way for them to access Google Drive without the teacher having to log in each student under their Gmail account.  Yes, even you have a Google Account through the school district.  This is exciting news for our students to collaborate in school  or at home with Google Docs.  Below I have added a beginner's look at Google Docs video. Just click on the video to watch it.


What do you think about this format of the Tech Time Newsletter?  Is it created with an online program called Tackk. There are two "Tackks". There is a general Tackk and then there is "Tackk in the Classroom".  The link I provided above will take you to Tackk in the Classroom. If you choose to create a Tackk account, look on your Tackk page for a link to: Learn 20 Ways Use Tackk in the Classroom.  Here's a short video on Tackk:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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