The achievements that took Kush to a new level


Picture 1 - Amanirenas and her son, Akinidad

This picture shows the ruler of the time, Amanirenas and her son, Akinidad. They are watching a Roman fort burn. The ruler fought with her soldiers, losing and eye. This event happened on the 300's B.C.E. to 350 C.E. This time was when Kush returned to its roots and no longer depended on Egypt. Kushites began to have woman ruler. They had their own alphabet and no longer belived in the Egyptian gods, but in African lion-god, artwork, clothing and buildings would no longer look like the ones in Egypt and imitate the style.

Picture 2 - Offerings to King Piye

The New Kingdom collapsed, and Egypt was in chaos. With so much fighting within Egypt, it became weaker and weaker, until Kush finally invaded Egypt, and because of Egypt's weakness, the invasion was successful. This happenned in the mid 700s B.C.E. About 20 years later, Egypt surrendered to the Kushite king Piye. The king declared himself pharaoh and, because he had united the two lands, the Kushite territory extended from the southernn Nile to the Meditteranean Sea. For about 100 years, Kushites ruled Egypt. Kush didn't tear down Egypt, but tried to relive its past glory. In the 670's Assyrians started threatening Egypt, and after some years it finally conquered Kushite land because of its iron tools.

Picture 3 - Kush and Egypt working together

Before Kush took over, Egypt, the two lands had a different relationship. In the picture, you can see that both of them are taking offerings to an important figure, the governor. We can differ the Kushites from the Egyptians because the Kushites had darker skin and curly hair, while Egyptians had skin a litle lighter and stright hair. They are taking objects, such as pottery, and exotic animals, such as the giraffe you can see in the lower block of the picture.

Picture 4 - Iron Tools

This picture shows Kushites making iron tools, Many resources were needed to make iron tools, like water, tools for sculting, wood etc. Kush was ruch in iron, but before the iron tools, there was no use for it. The Assyrians were the first to adquire this knowledge, and they used it to conquer Kush afterwards. The men in the picture are in the process of making these iron tools that will mainly be used in battle.

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