Mobile Learning Apps K-12

By Micaela Amelio

Here are some apps that I think could be used across K-12 classrooms for educational purposes! I picked all free apps because I don't think you need to pay just to find a useful educational app. There are great apps out there that free and quite useful in and outside of classrooms!


BrainPOP is a free app available on Apple devices with iOS 4.2 or later as well as on Android devices. Subject areas that this app teaches about include science, math, English, social studies, engineering, arts & music and health.

If you want to learn more about the ways that you can incorporate this app into the classroom you can check out this site:

It talks about about how teachers can use this app to enhance classroom learning!


Evernote is free and available on Apple devices with iOS (4.0 or later) and Android devices. This app is the ultimate note taking tool that allows for organization of all your notes. This tool would be great for busy students (and teachers!). With this app you can sync all of your notes between all of your devices. You can create and edit things like to do lists, text notes and tasks. And if that wasn't enough... you can even add picture or voice reminders! How cool is that?

If you wish to learn more about Evernote, here is their website:

Shakespeare in Bits

This app would be great for english classes across grades! Maybe even drama classes as well if they choose to do a unit on Shakespeare. This app is free and available on Apple devices with iOS 4.0 or later. Shakespeare in Bits is a technological approach to teaching and learning Shakespeare in the classroom. This app features things like unabridged text and in-line translations, high resolution animation, professional audio recordings, and character relationship maps all to aid with literary analysis.


Edmodo is a type of PLN that teachers can use for their own benefit to connect with teachers or for the benefit of the classroom to connect with their students. Edmond is free and available on Apple devices with iOS 4.0 or later and Android devices. When used for classroom purposes, Emodo keeps teachers and students connected outside the classroom. Students can review and submit homework assignments, check grades be sent assignment alerts and conduct class discussions after school hours. This tool could be used across all grades!


I recently discovered this app myself and it is a GREAT studying tool!!!

You can access Quizlet online or through their app! It is free to use and available on all Apple and Android devices. The just of Quizlet is that its a flashcard maker and quiz app.You put in all your terms and definitions and you have the ability to print flashcards or have the app/website create a free quiz for you! It’s a great way for busy students to study anywhere and everywhere. You can also access other peoples "sets" of flash cards and study those too! Students could get together and share the work to create the flashcards and then get to studying faster! This is seriously on of the best study tools I have ever seen!

Check out the website here:

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