International Relations

The purpose of the study of international relations is to analyze the behavior of nations in their dealings with one another. This analysis encompasses more than the activities of national governments. Although the course of international relations is determined chiefly by national governments, Nike Air Max 1 France SP Camuflaje Azul 607473-003, some influence is also exerted by such bodies as the subsidiary agencies and armed forces of nations, organizations with transnational memberships, groups and classes that operate across national borders, and international and supranational organizations. The activities studied include diplomacy, international trade, foreign aid, threats and use of military force, eco¬nomic sanctions and blockades, alliances, membership in international bodies, espionage, and propaganda. National goals and power relationships are also analyzed. A nation’s goals may include power and security, influence or domi¬nance over other nations, economic wealth, prestige, social justice, territorial expansion, the realization of a national identity, or ideological aims. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Mujeres Blanco Verde Púrpura W454460-321. Relationships between states may be characterized by equality or by inequality, hierarchy, and dominance; by alliance or by enmity; by contact or by nonintercourse.

There have been several types of international systems. These have included imperialism, the imposition by one nation of dependent relationships on others; the balance-of-power system, in which three or more states form al¬liances to prevent any single power from developing an advantage that might tempt it to try to conquer the others; the nuclear balance-of-terror system, in which each major power deters attack by the others by the threat of atomic retaliation; and collective security, an international organ¬ization of the major powers, which commit themselves to take united action against any aggressor. Some thinkers have advocated forming a true world government, that is, creating a federal political and military power to rule over the various nation-states, thus presumably ending international anarchy and war and guaranteeing order through the rule of law.

The search for a general theory of international relations has focused largely on two broad and related questions: Nike LeBron 11 Miami Noches 616175-003, What determines the global distribution of power and wealth? and What causes war or peace? The goal of students of interna¬tional relations is to construct a theory that will not only describe and analyze international behavior scientifically but will also help statesmen to decide on the right foreign policy.

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