Website Creation

The joys of technology in the classroom

Emily - Creating our own websites helped improve classroom assignments by allowing us to get on the website while we were gone.  This helped us make up our assignments easily by getting the information from the site.  Working with websites also helped improve our teamwork skills by allowing us the opportunity to work with others inside and outside the classroom.  Everything is put on the site, stays on the site, nothing is ever deleted unless you want it to be.  This helps because you would never lose any information.        

Jeff - The use of our own websites really is a great way for keeping and taking notes.  It is very convenient too, instead of writing with pencil and a notebook, then later having to go and find where you took your notes and digging through all of your stuff, you can just simply type in the URL of the website and access everything you have put on there.  You can access your website from many different things, such as your laptop, phone or tablet.   Overall, its much better than the old pencil and notebook method.  Everything you type down on the website will always be there and you will not ever have to worry about losing your important notes ever again.

Erin- The teaching tool of website creation allowed for a gap between teachers and students to lessen. In the classroom amongst the groups each person had a moment when they stop being just another student and became a leader. This could have been in the designing process, the organization or simply in the information input process. Each person showed true leadership and fascination in the topic that we were assigned. If allowed I would love to create websites for all subjects. This truly is a showcase of creativity and helpful other students who want to see learning in a new light. I've learned valuable skills through out the creation process and hope we get to do this again.

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