Visionary Period 1880-1929

By Jesus Goins

Eugene Goldstein

born Sept. 5, 1850, Gleiwitz, Prussia—died Dec. 25, 1930, Berlin

In 1886 he discovered what he termed Kanalstrahlen, or canal rays; these are positively charged ions that are accelerated toward and through a perforated cathode in an evacuated tube.

Eugen Goldstein was a German physicist.

Sheldon Bidwell     

The year of his invention was 1881  

His invention was Telephotography                        

In the year 1881 Sheldon Experimented with inventing Telephotography

Sheldon with his inventions

Philo T.Farnsworth
Philo invented the first television in 1927, using a glass slide smoked with carbon and a single scratch on it.
At age 14, he dreamed of using a lens to direct light into a glass tube so it could be analyzed and transmitted.
Philo also invented the Theft-proof ignition switch for vehicles and he won $25  first prize


Philo with the first television

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