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The Freshwater Ecosystem-

Freshwater Ecosystem

Contrary to the Marine ecosystems, the freshwater ecosystem covers only 0.8% of Earth's surface and contains 0.009% of the total water. Three basic kinds of freshwater ecosystems exist:

  • Lentic: Slow-moving or till water like pools, lakes or ponds.
  • Lotic: Fast-moving water such as streams and rivers.
  • Wetlands: Places in which the soil is inundated or saturated for some lenghty period of time.

Abiotic Factors                   Biotic factors               
              Water                         algae       
         Sand                               Plants
      Temperature                     Turtles
               Sun                             Seaweed
Rocks                            plants

Food, water, Shelter and space   The population will increase cause all the shelter will save them

Carrying Capacity-The number or quantity of people or things that can be convoyed or held by a vehicle or container

Limiting Factors-Factors that influence carrying capacity

the sharks will eat fish because of this the population will decrease and the limiting factors will affect them in many ways

Energy Roles

Producers-things that produce to other organisms.

Consumers-A person or thing that eats or uses something

Decomposer-an organism, especially a soil bacterium, fungus, or invertebrate, that decomposes organic material.

herbivores- an animal that feeds on plants

Scavengers-an animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.

Carnivores-animals that only eats meat

Omnivores-animals that eat plants and meat

The producers provide the energy to the other organisms and gets its energy from the sun. then the consumers gets its energy from the producers and the decomposers breaks down its energy and eats dead organisms.

producers are important cause with out the producers all the other organisms will not survive.

Food Webs

Food webs are more realistic then food chains cause it provides more producers and has more then a couple of organisms

If I would remove the fish then all of the sharks and whales wouldn't have enough food to eat.

Energy Pyramids

Because pyramids are the only it will work through energy. And the pyramid shape explains the different consumers and its producers.

Because producers are the main key and they provide energy for other organisms and predators are the top cause they are the head and like the control of the food web

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