Billy Bob's

My life in War.

Day 1-My name is Billy Bob,I'm from Chicago Illinois. in the Union side because I believe that this country has to be free,I have no kids but one beautiful wife. I have 2 brothers and one sister, both my brothers are captains and my sister is a nurse for the soldiers. I'm a Spy.Sneaky as a white feather in a blizzard,and fight like a hungry tiger.

Day 2- Today I had the most unusual food called Molasses ,I'm filled with pride.But I'm bored and exited but at the same time scared. My rank is a Spy and a Sargent. Im energetic at fighting ,but very sneaky spying . Goodnight journal I have to sleep and dream of the world after war.And I will get 1,000 Green Sacks.

                                                                       Love,Billy bob

Day 3- Today I woke up knowing today we will be busy doing chores,and drills,and I am also working on spy skills like how to fight if I get discovered and how evade that.Today breakfast was Beans and peas with tea,My favorite.I met new people who are Friendly ,strong,and talented. I hope my Brothers and sister did too to keep them busy. I need to go to training and chores and many other stuff. I left you a picture of what we are doing, Goodbye

                                                Love, Billy bob

Day 4 (9:00Am)-Today im interviewing Jeremiah,wen you chose to lie,it causes you to feel honest,because your on a piece of paper that says 15 on it and because your doing it for a good cause and he should be proud of being alive,And fighting  for his land,the only thing he wanted to be different is,No war and no slaves,He said.

Day 5- Dear Be loving wife, We have lots of free time right now.But when im bussy i wont be able to send mail,Right now I Play cards for green sacks the most and my favorite food is the healthy but good sometimes beans,Beans are made simple,Get Beans,and water,then heat it up in a pot.I miss my brothers and sister,and my wife.I don't sleep on a bed like I used to, Today I  sleep in a sleeping bag. At camp i sleep very little due to nightmares and unconformable cold nights,

                       Your Husband,Billy Bob

My Song...Day 6- Get up get up billy bob,to war you go now,Spy the confederate and bring the information back,and save the soldiers and America.

Day 7-       My friend Max,Died Today.I Will always remember when he told me. Pass the Leave! *Big Fart* I felt bad for him and knew he will die,He yelled water Painfully. I brought him it..but he got worse. And Yesterday the little Sam died from and overdose of remedy. I witness  Amputation of a guy who saved my life in training when the wooden tree fell.I need to go dig a hole....So I can release some food and water.

Day 1,458-After the war  

Day 8- Im going  home,im exited to see my family I cant sleep,becouse of exitment,and also terror of what i saw in war.

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