Career Exploration Presentation Assignment

Professional Dancer

What does a person do in your career?

A dancer has many options on what they do with their career. Some options include company dancer, choreographer, or a studio owner. As a company dancer you get paid to travel around the world and perform dances. When you're a choreographer you show and tell performers what to do in a dance. You get paid to bring your imagination to life. As a studio owner you pay teachers or you yourself to choreograph for your students and teach them technique to prepare them for the real world.

(This is a picture of Hailey Spradlin doing a basic dance move)

Required Skills:

Required skills:

To be successful as a professional dancer one has to be a quick study, because dancers are taught choreography fast and on the spot. Another skill needed is flexibility , when you're not flexible a lot of things put in a dance you can't do. To be a professional dancer you have to be physically fit because dancers push their bodies to their physical limits daily. Balance is another important skill. It enables you to do leg lifts, turns, and tricks that require a large amount of concentration.  

A jump tilt by Hailey Spradlin

Course Requirements:

  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary/modern
  • Lyrical
  • Acro
  • Pointe
  • Tap
  • Imrov.
  • Jazz

The studio Hailey attends, The Woodlands Dance Center in their contemporary number Stay at Starquest dance competition.


Until physically incapable of meeting the requirements you can be a professional dancer.

College example

Sam Houston State University- Graduate department(Masters in fine arts.)

Admission requirements:

  • Letter of inquiry
  • Graduate studies online application with fee
  • Resume/ curriculum vita
  • Video portfolio of performance and choreography
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts of all previous college work
  • Confirmation of degree conferral
  • On sight audition
  • Interview with dance faculty
  • Technique audition in ballet and modern
  • Presentation of a solo performance of a choreographic work composed by applicant
Performance Hailey is in called "Not About Angels" by The Woodlands Dance Force, performed at Starsystems dance competition.


Company dancer: Varies depending on company, experience, and position.

Example: NYC Rockets- $72,000-$78,000 annually

Future Outlook:

It is particularly hard to get a job as a professional dancer, because of how many dancers there are and how little jobs are available. The career has a long future, as long as the requirements are met and and the technique is maintained the job is stable.


When your a professional dancer you do it because of your passion for it or for the opportunity to possibly becoming rich  and famous like the ballet dancer Misty Copleand.

Similar Careers:

Careers similar to a professional dancer's is anything in the fine arts category or Sports category. For example, theater can be similar to dance because it involves performing and being in front of an audience. Also, Track can be similar to dancing because of the physical strain put on your body and the flexibility it requires to jump hurtles and stuff like that.

Reason for picking:

I picked this career because I love dance and want it to be my career. I have been Taking since I was 3 and love the rush it gives me every time I perform on stage.

Beautiful Dance from SYTYCD


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