let stop cyber bullying

cyber bullying- the use of information technology to harm or harrass in deliberate

repeated and hostile manner

1: somebody could message you on face book and tell you they are gonna hurt you

2:somebody could post something on there wall about you

3:somebody could take a picture of you and make a caption for it

4:somebody could call you a name on social media

5:they also could tell your personal buisness on social media

1: stay off of social media as much as possible

2:never send people you hardly talk to messages that you would not want anybody to see

3:only talk to people you trust

4:also only talk to people you know not strangers

5:if you are on social media try to stay away from people you would thank

that would cyber bully

1: life does get better after bein bullied

2:never send somebody a messae that they caould tell somebody and

embarress you enough to hurt or kill yourself

3:  never laugh always help somebody that is bein cyber bullied

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