This was truly is a day that will be never forgotten.  This day marks the day America became one again, people put aside the wrong of  the country and help one another. Four planes were hijacked two of them were headed towards the Twin Towers. Sadly they reached there destination. As the first tower went down people had no idea what was going on but after the second plane crashed some were starting to a clue. On that same day another plane crashed in the Pentagon. Both places were covered in smoke. Tons of people died and only the bravest risked there lives. I can only imagination the terrifying sound of the plane hitting the the tower, how the floor shook, I can only imagination my own reaction. But that's the thing i can only imagination all of this I wont really truly know my true reaction, and i'm not going to wish to see my reaction because that would be like wishing for hell to strike again.

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