VCR #2

By: Meghan Oettinger


P.O.S: Noun                                                                                                           Root: Sacer- Sacred      

Disreprect to something regarded as sacred.

Many historians view the way Spaniards treated the Incac people of Cuzco as Sacrilege.


P.O.S: Noun                                                                                                          Root: Sanctus- Holy

Godliness; holiness

Due to his ability to heal almost any illness, he was viewed with sanctity.


P.O.S: Noun                                                                     Root: Hieros- holy; sacred; supernatural

A group organized by rank.

In their school's hierarchy Brandi, the head cheerleader, ranked well above Alexa the new girl.


P.O.S: Transitive Verb                     Root(s): Pio, Piare, Piavi, Piatum- To appease; To purify

To make amends for; to atone for.

After ruining Casey's project, Ben attempted to expiate his mistake by helping her make a new one.

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