American Slave Trade

Description: this maps show how many slaves where transported from Africa to North,                             Central and South America

Name: Destination of the Atlantic slave trade.

Date: 1451-1870.

Description: This illustration presents African people from Kachao,Africa preparing                                   cassava or yucca

Name: View of Kachao and scene of Manioc Preparation

Date: Early 18th Century

Description: Slaves are being carried in a single file order with chains.

Name: Slave coffle, western sudan
Date: 1879-81

Description: This fort was founded by the dutch in 1612. it also has an african town as the                         background

Name:Fort Nassau, Gold Coast

Date:17th century

Description: This picture portrays african and european man fighting with weapons

Name:Revolt Aboard slave ship

Date: 19th century

Description: This picture shows a woman with a child and a man being sold at an                                       auction.

Name: Slave Auction, Richmond Virginia

Date: 1861

Description:This pictures shows african man and women in the cotton fields picking                                  cotton with theirs hands and baskets

Name:Cotton Harvest, US south

Date: 1850’s

Description: Sugar plantation with working slaves and farm houses

Name: Sugar Plantation, San jose de la Angosta, Cuba

Date: 1857

Description: This is a open market in the west indies

Name: Market, Dominica, West indies


Description: Slave are mining in brazil for gold

Name: Gold Mining, Brazil


Description: A school where Emancipated children could go and recive education for free

Name: School for emancipated children, Vicksburg mississippi

Date: 1866

Description: African American folk dancing to their music and the sound of their vocals                            and instruments

Name:Dance at plantation, Trinidad


Description: Negros are being extorted for the truth if they are convicted of a crime like                             theft, murder etc.

Name: Discovering a Thief: An obeah practitioner at work, Trinidad.

Date: 1836

Katherine Mancia

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