Unity in Uganda

Christianity and Muslim

There has been a Religious Conflict going on in Uganda between the religions of Christianity and Muslims. They have been basically fighting over territory and much more. It has escalated to even schools and children. Children now are fighting each other  over there religions and they have been very prejudice against each other.

One day it became to much that there was a fight between children about there religion and that day 5 children had to lose there lives. There was a outbreak at a school between children and the police got involved but the fight was to much and the police fired shot killing 5 students. Even though 85% of Uganda are Christians and 12% are Muslims and there is another 3% that is basically unaccounted for, but according to the U.S department of state it is considered "other religions".  But according to other resources Muslims and Christians are now becoming unified through protest and many other events  to prove to the Government of Uganda that they all want Unity.

After the incident with the children, the christian people and the muslim people opened there eyes to the problems they have caused. Now the Ugandian people feel that Unity will be better for there community. After several years of this inner fight between religions they realized that its not worth it. After the fatal shots to 5 students, and realizing that over 2,000 children are taken, raped, and even killed. So they began to become unified to protect there children and find inner peace because the religions are somewhat similar they learn each others customs.

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