Day 2 of 3D printing camp

Hello, my name is Nikhil. This is the second day of 3D printing camp I am taking at the Key School. Yesterday we started off by having a conversation about a book, piece of music, and luxury item we would bring onto a deserted island. Later we created mini castles out of cardboard. Our teachers judged the castles on the stability and structure, creativity, and accuracy. To test the stability/ structure, our teachers threw a ball of tape at the castle. My group's castle appeared awful but held together pretty well. Later we went over more of the facts we need to know about 3D printing. Towards the end of the day we brainstormed and created ideas of what we want to print, by using clay.

Today we got right into learning and accomplishing more tutorials on the program TinkerCad. This program helps to create designs to print using the 3D printer. After doing the tutorials for TinkerCad we started to build keychains. After designing my keychain, I started to design a castle that is to be finished in the next few days.

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