Dabbing Diamond

What's going on in Mrs. Diamond's Class?

The Oregon Trail

"Moving West in a Digital World" has been the theme of our Oregon Trail simulation we are working on in class. Students prepared themselves for the game by learning more about the Oregon Trail with online learning through sites curated on Edcanvas. Check out our online learning links at www.edcanvas.com. Ask your child how to login.

To help students keep up with what challenges their team has faced, we created accounts using Class Badges (www.classbadges.com) to keep up with the challenges the team has been faced with and if the team was successful. Check out the cool badges your child has earned! I will update regularly and am currently working on updating badges earned this week!

Be sure to ask your child what role he or she plays in their Wagon Company within the game. Before students chose which role they would play within their Wagon Company, they were surveyed as to which "job" they thought would be the most fulfilling along the Oregon Trail. Students used Socrative (www.socrative.com) on the iPads and passed them around as the poll question was answered. We then were able to see the information from the 3 classes a bar-graph form!   

So far, Wagon Companies have left Independence, Missouri as their "jumping off" point. Our first challenge was the cross the Big Blue River. Student teams had to decide to float their wagon and livestock or negotiate a price for the ferry. Some teams were able to negotiate, while others were charged more. We learned that running a ferry could be profitable since prices weren't regulated, nor fixed like they tend to be today. Next, students met Professor Thaddeus P. Farnsworth at Fort Kearney. Many were duped into buying his Miracle Elixir and some were so eager to prevent illness, they drank the elixir on the spot. Bad idea! You can't always trust everything you hear promising to be good for your health. We ended the week in various places along the Platte River- very dirty and unfit for drinking it was so muddy. I'm anxious to see what surprises next week holds on our Oregon Trail! So far students have practiced the following genres: map reading, informational text, fictional books (historical content) based on families moving to Oregon in the 1800s, and use of technology content and vocabulary.

Poem in your Pocket Day

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the students of LCI celebrated National Poem in your Pocket Day with an Open Mic invitation during lunch. The idea was simple: copy a poem down, carry it in your pocket all day, and share! Many of our students shared delightful poems, many of them self-created! I am proud of our kids' courage and creativeness to share what they have created with others. Hats off to you! Super impressive!

The Poetry Project

Most of you have had the pleasure of watching our Poetry Project, but just in case you haven't... here it is! The students did an AMAZING job and as a teacher- I could not have been more proud of them. April is National Poetry Month! What poem will inspire you this month?  Check out The Poetry Project at

We Appreciate Mrs. Bonin

This month is National Librarian Appreciation Week! We made a quick video to show our school's appreciation.