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Colorado gets caught in flood

Damage reported Thursday was in Boulder County, where the National Weather Service said a 20-foot wall of water rolled down a mountain canyon north of the city.

One death was confirmed and another was scared after a car stopped in the rushing watr. Witnesses said a woman emerged from the car and was swept away. A man left the car and tried to reach her and also was swept away, Boulder County Sheriff's Cmdr. Heidi Prentup said. She said the man's body had been found and the woman was missing.

Bodies also were found in a fallen home in Jamestown and on a roadin Colorado Springs.

In other places, homes collapsed onto peoplle and a dam in Larimer County broke, flooding some houses and trapping three people, a spokesman said.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said some people there face the issue of whether to try to move to safer shelters over bridges that may have been damaged. They will "have to use their own judgment," he said/

An emergency message from the sheriff's office to residents of Big Thompson Canyon said, "If you are cut off because of a compromised bridge, you need to stay at your residence but have a plan to get to higher ground at a moment's notice."

Another concern was a team of Lyons firefighters that had been stuck on a mountainside Thursday morning after their vehicle was washed away. As of Thursday night, authorities in Boulder hadn't  been able to contact with the Lyons department to make sure the firefighters had been rescued, said Ashlee Herring, a spokeswoman for the city of Boulder.


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