Valentine's Day: School Counseling Style

Red Hearts Game

Each person will be given a card. Do not let anyone else see your card. During this game, you are not allowed to show anyone your card. Look at it quickly and put it in your pocket or conceal it in your hand. Your card either has a red heart or a black dash.

The object of the game:

If you have a red heart, form the largest group possible without any black dashes.

If you have a black dash, infiltrate (gain access, be part of) to any group of red hearts.

You may question others about which card they have, but you are not allowed to show your card to anyone else. You are not allowed to touch anyone else and if anyone asks you to leave a group, you must leave.

What was Gilbert’s problem in this story? Do you think he made a mistake? Why?

What would you do if you received a valentine card that contained a hurtful message?

How is this story similar to our red hearts game?

How did you decide which group to join in the game? Were there times when others thought you shouldn't be in their group? How did that make you feel?

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