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2 years ago

It was November 19, 1493 Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto rico on his second voyage. Originally the newcomers called the island San Juan Bautista for, St John the baptist and the town Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico became a commonwealth of United States with its own constitution in July 1952.
Government Structure
The commonwealth of Puerto Rico has up to 78 municipalities .The Head of State is the U.S president, but the head of the government is a governor who is elected locally to a four year term.They select a high commissioner but he cannot vote but can introduce legislation , express opinions, and engage in a dialogue on issues

Major Issues/Problems in the country
Puerto Rico’s current status is “ the root cause of economic and social problems that impair quality of life on the island.” Puerto Rico pro-commonwealth leaders are currently entangled in a bitter debate over a recent two-question non-binding plebiscite vote.