Home Life in Ancient Greece

By Sasha Kozlov


Everyone worked in ancient Greece. Women worked in the household and men outside the house. In ancient Greece most of the people could afford a house because they were small with one or two rooms. Later the owner could add more. Secondly, the houses were not really fancy. They had small windows with wooden shutters, the floors were made out of plaster or beaten earth and they were built out of mud bricks. The roofs were pottery tiles. The houses also had a kitchen and bedroom in one room and people had only plain furniture. However, the rich people could have their floor made out of mosaics and they could have separate rooms for the kitchen and bedroom.


Slaves were very common in ancient Greece. Most of the families in ancient Greece owned a slave and wealthy people even had several! At first a modern person would probably have a question: Where do Greeks get the slaves? Greeks slaves came from many different places. People were made slaves from war prisoners or the citizens of lands that Greeks captured became slaves. Sometimes people were captured or sold into the slavery.


Ancient Greeks, like the modern people, had three meals a day. The Greeks’ first meal was breakfast or akratisma. There they ate bread dipped in wine, sometimes with olive and figs. Also they ate barley cake. The second meal in the day was lunch or aristron. It was similar to breakfast, as it just had some fruits, vegetables, cheese and yogurt. The last meal of the day was dinner or deipnon. It was the only meal where Greeks ate cooked food. They mostly ate soup. Greeks drank wine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; however, it wasn’t as alcoholic as it is today. Greeks got their food mostly from land by farming barley and wheat, planting olive trees and growing grapes. They kept bees for honey and sheep for cheese and milk. The Greeks fished a lot.

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