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9th Grade English
William Gray

Exposition Essay

Hay can be a very difficult process. There is a significant difference between square bales of hay and round bales of hay.To do hay you need to know how to grow it,you need to know the types of grass, and you need to know how to bale hay. If this process is done right then you can be a successful.

It is very important to know how to grow the hay to make a good profit. One of the most important parts of growing hay is to make sure there are no weeds in it. If there are weeds the field needs to be sprayed, because the weeds can drive down the price of he hay. Another part of good growth is making sure that the field is fertilized.

It is very difficult to make good hay without knowing what type of grass is needed. Bermuda grass is the best type of grass for hay. Horses like to eat it and it gives them plenty of protein. Dallas grass is no good because even though it gives the horses protein it can sometimes contain a chemical that can kill the horses. Sage grass is also no good because the horses do not like to eat it and it has no protein.

The final process of hay is bailing it. Bailing hay requires a lot of physical labor. To do the process you need a minimum of three people. The first person has to drive the tractor and bale the hay. The second person has to drive the truck and pull the trailer. Finally the last person does the hardest part and throws the bales on the trailer.

Hay requires a lot of hard work, and the process has to be repeated twice per year. The hard work is all worth it whenever you make your final profit. If you have a good field the work can be pretty easy. Also if you follow the process that I gave you, you to can be a good hay farmer.

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