Desert Biome

By Ryan Bowyer


The temperatures in a desert can rise and decrease rapidly. During the day it can be blistering hot and a night it would be freezing in certain places. The High and low temperature averages from 113f to 32f. The temperatures of the deserts are harsh and very deadly it is the main threat in a desert.


The average precipitation in a desert is less than 50 cm that isn't much. The video below is a trailer for a movie but it gives some facts. The desert will barely provide rain it if it does it is quickly evaporated. Most Plants can't survive there in desert you will rarely find trees.


Some plants in the desert are the Prickly pear cactus, Big sagebrush, and Blazing star. As you see in the picture below Most of these plants have needles on them the reason for that is to keep the water they store in them from the animals. Cacti are a plant specie related to the rosebush.  The Prickly pear cactus is used for candy, syrup, jelly and honey.


Some examples of animals in the desert are Rattlesnake, camel, Coyote. The video below will give examples of sounds of animals of the desert. The desert is a dangerous place animals such as jaguars,rattlesnakes,and coyotes roam the lands of the deserts. I there aren't many animals there but the ones that are there are mostly deadly.

Interesting facts

⅓ of earth is covered in deserts. Only 20% of earth deserts are covered in sand. Hottest desert is the sahara. Deserts often contain large mineral deposits.


Day 23

My shelter made of dead twigs was destroyed in a sandstorm last night. I can see the animals circling in the hills. I had to get into a cactus today to get some water but i got poked by a needle. My top 3 tips are get shelter as fast as you can, Make a weapon to defend yourself from the wild animals, and find a way to store water.

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