Katie Plaskett GT 2014-2015

We made a model of a city with foil and then added pollution to see what it would look like. We are trying to prevent pollution. I learned that pollution can be found every where. Examples: streets,fields,sewers ex.

We built a model house that had to be nine inches tall to with stand a cup of water. I learned that having a full stripe of foil is more helpful than having different pieces of foil and taping them together. Our group's house leaked and did not with stand the water. I also learned that we didn't put a line of cross beams on the top story like we did the others.

We tried to make a permeable pavement to absorbe water and walk on with a wind up toy. The

Pollution project

In this project we made a model of a city then put sprinkles for trash,dish soap for oil,food coloring for car exhaust,and sequins for natural debris. I learned to be more carful and look around my surroundings. Also to be a problem solver rather than a problem finder. Our group only one sprinkle fall into the river.

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