Of Beauty and Beast Project

by Katie Stedman

The Rose

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay is an eclectic mix of fairy tale, sci-fi, and romance.

Raised to be a human sacrifice, Princess Isra has always lived in the noble’s village in the domed city of Yuan. Blind and sheltered for most of her life, she only knows what it means to be a “smooth skin”, a person without the mutations, and believes the world outside of the dome is full of danger and monsters...until the day she meets Gem, a human with strange and ugly mutations. After being captured on a raid, he becomes Isra’s prisoner and eventually her gardener. It is through these garden interactions that Isra soon learns that things are not what they seem. She realizes that the prosperity of the city comes at a terrible price, one she is no longer willing to pay.

By twisting the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, Jay creates a unique and interesting story with classical archetypes…and a happy ending. Highly recommended.

The Planet

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