A visual presentation on Black Tuesday

by:kayley martin

a plummet crash of the stock market on October 29, 1929

What lead up to this event?

The government had no policies in place to regulate the market. Overproduction in the stock markets was a critical fault that lead to Black Tuesday.

What happened the day of the crash?

What caused the stock market to crash was that the investors were trying to sell off their stock. Within hours 16,410,030 shares were on the New York stock exchange. Investors lost billions of dollars before a full day was even done. This was one of the first real examples of modern capitalism economy.

why did this affect the U.S. so badly?

This was the beginning of the biggest stock market crash, and started The Great Depression.

How are Black Tuesday and The Great Depression linked?

Black Tuesday caused many investors sold 16 million shares even though it meant losing a large quantity of their money. During this 24 hour time period, many people lost their jobs and it caused people to lose their homes. This started the Depression, which is a whole other story.

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