#1  Health Risk

How Much Times Do you go to Bed Hungry?

Nearly half of the grade 4s at Hewson public school don't go to bed hungry.10 people go to bed hungry every day in Hewson . 6 people go to bed hungry 4-6 times a week.13 people in Hewson go to bed hungry 1-3 times a week. 57 people don't goto bed hungry which is great!

Some facts about hunger are...25000 people die of hunger around the world.sometimes poverty causes hunger.Their are more people hungry than the population in Canada,USA and the EU.9000 million people suffer cause of  is hunger, its number 1# health risks .hunger is a feeling of weakness caused by lack of food

What can we do to help?We can do a food drive which is going to happen recently.

Map of where hunger happens
Graph of grade 4's going to bed hungry