How to Enjoy Expat Life in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies and island country in the world. Singapore is sometimes referred to as a no-nonsense business island that takes pride on its highly educated and trained work force. Expats in Singapore come from all over the world, not only Western countries, but Asia and India as well. Since Singapore is right next to Malaysia, there are a huge number of Malaysians there. Malaysian language is somehow spoken in Singapore, which encourages huge amount of Indonesians to come to Singapore as well.

Singapore has a tropical monsoon climate which is extremely hot and humid. You won't encounter any cold weather during the year. The monsoon is present during November through January. Rainfall during the monsoons can consist of torrential downpours, which last a short period of time. When packing, try to bring along clothing that dries quickly. While you won't need a winter jacket, a heavy sweater or very light jacket may be good to use during the very cool conditions that occur during the night.

Most people that venture to Singapore come on the request of their employer. Singapore is a great place to do business and there are many multi-national companies that have offices in Singapore.

One of the bright spots about living in Singapore is the wealth of shopping. Orchard Road, a paradise for shopping, is one of most popular residential areas for expat rental Singapore - There are many places to find high quality goods and there are brand new modern shopping malls available for those that enjoy shopping. Besides shopping malls, there are plenty of markets and shops that cater to discount shoppers, as well as boutique shops and antique shops for those individuals that are looking to purchase extraordinary and unique items.