the capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. it is the largest city,and has a population of 248,948 people with about 70 percent of the population in the Bahamas which is 382,600. they mostly speak English. this beautiful island is in Latin America. the age expectancy is about 86 for a woman and 84 for a man. Everyone that lives there is happy  to be such a beautiful place.


there are major mysterious thing in the Bahamas like the Bermuda triangle that lies in the middle of the Brahmas before you get to land. The other crazy part is that the Bahamas have no rivers or valley ruining through it. but it is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and has the 3rd longest barrier rife. the major city's would have to be Nassau,Santa Carla,and free port.


the weather in the Bahamas is mostly low due to the ocean and the average rain fall.the highest rain fall would be in the mid 200 and the lowest would be lower than 40 per year. the average temperature would be in the high 30 and low would be about 20. the climate at times does affect the chances of working due to the fact that it rains quit a lot.


the culture hear is beautiful! they surround the streets with dancing and figures. most the the people are Christians and great with a smile.they  celebrate a holiday which named junkanoo on December 26 and to us its sort of  like Christmas. they favorite food would be sea food with beans and rice.

interesting facts

they have lots of fun and great things to do at the bahamas.they fantastic animals like dophines, fish, and a variety of birds. The flag is a black equilateral triangle against the mast, superimposed on a horizontal background made up of two colours on three equal stripes of aquamarine, gold and aquamarine. go and visit this place and u will see what a great experience you will have.


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