Sentry : I am out of breath from running king because I was so scared of the news I have to tell you.

Creon : Get right to the point , what do you have to say

Sentry : It wasn't me who did it

Creon : Just tell me sentry !

Sentry : It so bad I don't know how to say it.

Creon : Hurry , come on say it.

Sentry : The guy.. Polyneices... Hes been buried someone put new ground on him.

Creon: Who has done this too Polyneices?

Sentry: Honest......I dont know who has done this. Someone just covered him with new ground.

Choragos: Do you think the Gods have took matters in their own hands?

Creon : The Gods could not have done this, thats crazy someone from Thebes has done this

Sentry : King may I say something?

Creon : Your voice is annoying and I don't want you too speak.

Sentry: Are you sure that it is me or is it just you? Creon: Are you really trying too question me now?

Sentry : Its not what I said it is what happened that hurts you

Creon : You talk too much

Sentry : Maybe, but I didn't do anything wrong

Creon : You've already said too much

Sentry: How bad is it when the King judges you wrong Creon: Bring me the man who has done this too prove your innocence Sentry: Bring him the man who has done this either way Im safe

Antigone Script

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2 years ago

A few key pieces of content are missing (the freak out about the gods by Creon and issue of bribery), and you haven't proofread for punctuation and capitalization.