Crocodile Tears

        One day in a field of butterfly bushes a wild herd of golden fleeced sheep ate and watched over the horizon for predators. Suddenly a watcher spotted something in the distance! It was Shrek! And you could tell he was hungry! The sheep knew that it was going to be troublesome so they fled and ran into the deep, dark caves. They had not known what lies in the cave but they had to take a risk in hopes that Shrek would lose their scent.

        The golden sheep were already deep in the cave, so far that they had forgotten where they were. But they were sure Shrek lost their scent. However, the herd faced a new problem, they needed to find a path out of the caves. After hours of searching they had found a small sheep-sized opening. Once they stepped out they noticed that it was a field of forsythia blossoms next to a swamp infested with crocodiles.

        The crocodiles were sinister and concocted a plan of crying crocodile tears to get the sheep to get closer and help them. "we're scared of you" said the crocodiles. The sheep showed them that they were not harmful and exchanged forsythia blossoms. Once they did that the crocodiles tried to lunge at the sheep but the sheep had already sprinted in the swamp to get away. The crocodiles tried to chase after them but their tears didn't mix with murky swamp water and they couldn't swim very far.

        The sheep  had finally stepped onto the other side of the swamp. But to their surprise it was a field of butterfly bushes. Somewhere they could live!

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