What it takes to be an accomplished Equestrian

You’ve probably heard people say “You’re a natural”, when someone is good at something - be it singing, painting or even race car driving. However, being a natural takes practice. These people, at one point, had to undergo training and invest most of their valuable time to be good at what they do. The same goes for being an accomplished equestrian.

Horses, like many animals, come with unique challenges. When it comes to training them, horses will often become stubborn. Creative training is critical to being successful. The horse needs to learn by doing. When you reward the horse with petting and praise, the horse will learn.

Devote time to the training. You need to think through any problems that may arise and allow the horse to think through them as well. Allow the horse to become fruitful at its own pace. This doesn’t mean to slack off and waste time, rather keep it simple. You can break down the concepts into small building blocks that are more comprehensible, and then practice them with your horse until they become a solid habit.

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