10 best places to visit

In this tack you will see the places that I want to visit and some that i have already visited.

You guys should know this place.It is DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is an actual place I've been so I know about this place a lot.This place is located on a mountain in Pennslyvannia. There are lots of outside activities . The activities are really fun. I did them with my friends when I went there. There are even a few lake activities. The most popular activity is a slide that goes down a mountain. Basically you have to go up a mountain in a carriage type thing and come down it in a slide. I've only done it once because we only stayed for a little time, but it is SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Empire Sate Building!!!!!!!!!!

This is a place that is on my bucket list and it is the tallest building in the world.

The White House!!!!!!!

This is the white house I think anyone would be lucky to even go past this place. It is a beautiful and a place that is and should be admired.

The Taj Mahal!!!!!!!!

This is a place that you might not want to visit right now but you might when you are older so keep this in mind. This is a place in India and is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. This place is also on my bucket list to visit and I will when I get older.

It is really beautiful!!!!

This a place I have been and has been crossed of my bucket list. This place is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. It is a speechless moment to see it. I actually went in a boat ride there and by the way the water was filthy which is sad for creatures living there, but you should always find a time to go there. Sometimes the water hits the lake so hard that you can feel the raindrops.

The CN tower is where my cousin lives!!!!!!!1

Once I went to visit my cousin and they decided to take me to the CN tower . We had so much fun there. We went on a ride inside the tower and went up to the glass floor which only took us 1 minute to do and was awesome. I was scared to go on the glass floor until I read that it can hold the weight on 4 hippos but it was too late because we were already going down, so if you go to Canada be sure to visit the CN tower

This place is in Paris. Lots of people want to visit this place including me. I've never been to Paris before but I really want to.


This place is a very popular place in LA. I've never been there but I've always wanted to and I will one day visit this place.

This place is called the Eureka tower!!!!!!!!

Now I just now have learned about this place, but it is located in Australia. It seems like a very nice place to visit.

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