The Al-Shabaab kill 147 innocent students at Kenya College

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Levs, Josh, and Holly Yan. "147 Killed in Kenya School Attack, Officials Say -" CNN. Cable News Network, 2 Apr. 2015. Web. 01 May 2015.

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On Thursday, April 2, an attack on innocent students at Garissa University College occurred in Kenya. The terrorist group responsible for the attack is called the Al-Shabaab. The Al-Shabaab is a Somali group that the United States has designated as a foreign terrorist organization. According to the Council on Foreign Rlations, the goal of the Al-Shabaab is to turn Somali into a fundamentalist Islamic state. As a result, when the Al-Shabaab raided Garissa Universirty College, their main targets were the Christians—non-Muslims—who attended the university. Anyone who was Muslim was allowed to leave unharmed. Though the Al-Shabaab is in Somalia, they have often launched attacks inside Kenya since Kenyan government sent troops across the border to fight the group.

Main Opponents

The Kenyan Government are against the Al-Shabaab—a Somali based terrorist group who believe that Somali should only be an Islamic state.

How This Conflict is Being Conducted

Al-Shabaab militants come in by foot and raid places such as the Garissa University College with weapons—such as guns and grenades—in pursuit of killing non-Muslims.

Cause of Conflict

The Al-Shabaab in Somalia wants to make Somalia a fundamentalist Islamic state. However, the Kenyan government sent troops over to Somalia in an attempt to stop the Al-Shabaab from killing innocent people. The Al-Shabaab, in turn, launched an attacked in Kenya since Kenya attacked them. In addition to getting back at Kenya, the Al-Shabaab's main reason for massacring 147 students was to terminate all non-Muslims.

Non-violent efforts being taken to solve the problem:

The Kenyan government has suggested building a wall along the border to keep out Al-Shabaab attacks. Also, the Kenyan government has offered amnesty to Al-Shabaab militants. Many of the leaders and fighters have accepted the offer and the government has accepted them. However, the government will continue to talk to anyone in the Al-Shabaab group who is willing to denounce violence. I don't think the wall will be very effective because they are not fighting fighters, but rather an ideology. Thus, a separation barrier will fix nothing. The amnesty offer is worth a try, however, it will be hard to get everyone on board.

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