Columbian exchange


"The seams of Pangaea were closing, drawn together by the sailmaker's needle. Chickens met kiwis, cattle met kangaroos, Irish met potatoes, Comanches met horses, Incas met smallpox—all for the first time."

"Touching these savages, there is a thing I cannot omit to remark to you, it is that it appears visibly that God wishes that they yield their place to new peoples."

Specific evidence

1. John Winthrop led puritans from England to North America to escape religious prosecution

2. As a result of the Columbian Exchange and diseases it brought, Cortés' mission of conquering the Aztecs was easier

3. Irish Potato Famine brought Irish to North America

4. Comanche were the first North American tribe to utilize horses as a result of the Columbian Exchange


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