Useful Mobile Applications for High School Students

Free and EASY!

  A list of the top 5 Mobile Learning Apps that are free to download and easily accessible.

1) mobl21

This app is incredibly useful for flexible as well as mobile learning. According t0, this application is easy to use and allows for both educators and students to be able to create content that can be made into flashcards or other methods of memorization/learning. Essentially, it allows for students to access class information very easily on their commute or between classes.

How it can be used in the classroom?

I would use this application to make my class notes on vocabulary or definitions into flashcards for my students to easily access from their phones.

2) Unlock Your Brain

According to, this application is free and easy to download. In order for a student to unlock their phone, they will have to learn something new. Of course this isn't always based on the curriculum but the student can choose their "pack" of what they want to learn and download it for free.

How this could be used in the classroom

As an English teacher I would definitely ask my students to use this application and download a series on grammar or simply terms they haven't used before. This would ensure students are constantly being quizzed on important grammar rules!

3) Evernote

This is an amazing app that allows for huge projects to be condensed into one workspace. According to, a student or teacher would be able to collect newspaper clippings, audio and video and compile it very easily for a final product.

How it can be used in  the classroom?

Students could very easily apply this to group work or labs. I would assign a personal portfolio for an english course and suggest this app as a way to ensure their work is saved and compiled properly.

4) Duolingo

This amazing application allows for students to learn a foreign language with ease.It offers a range of languages as well as a placement test for students to comprehend where they stand with their knowledge.

How it can be used in the classroom?

It would be very beneficial for language teachers to inform their students of this application, they could assign certain exercises to their students to ensure they are getting the practice they need.


This app essentially allows a school to white list certain websites as it is a browser for iOS devices. According, this is unique as other browsers only allow for certain sites to be blocked. Essentially students would only be able to access approved websites.

How could this be used in a classroom?

For students using school owned iPads or devices, this is a very easy way to ensure that appropriate use of the internet is being carried out. Students simply cannot access websites that have not been approved; therefore less monitoring would have to take place.

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